A-Z List of Humans


Hartnett, Sonya. The Ghost’s Child. London, Walker Books, 2008.
YA/Adult Fiction. Seventy-five year old Matilda is visited by a ghost’s child who takes her back on the journey of her life, her hopes and dreams and the sadness of losing her soulmate and unborn child.


Browne, Anthony. Into the Forest. Cambridge, Massachusets, Candlewick, 2004.
Picture book. A boy missing his dad experiences a nightmarish journey on the way to his grandma’s house.

Cowell, Cressida. Emily Brown and the Elephant Emergency. Illustrated by Neal Layton, London,Orchard, 2010.
Picture book. Matilda’s mummy can’t stop checking up on her and making sure she has everything she thinks she needs.

Hargreaves, Roger. Mr. Worry. London, Egmont, 2008.
Picture book. Mr Worry meets a wizard who suggests writing down all of his worries. Will this magic them away?

Henkes, Kevin. Wemberly Worried. New York, Scholastic, 2001.
Picture book. Wemberly worries about everything but when she starts school she finds a friend.

Morgan, Matthew. Thank Goodness for Bob. Illustrated by Gabriel Alborozo, London, Egmont, 2017.
Picture book. When Max tells Bob, his dog, about all of his problems they suddenly don’t seem worth worrying about.


Burningham, John. Granpa. London, Puffin, 1996.
Picture book. A little girl enjoys spending time with her Grandpa until he passes away.

Perkins, Jayde. Mum’s Jumper. Bristol, Book Island, 2019.
Picture book. A little girl has to work through her grief when her mum dies in hospital.

Pieters, Nils. Fox & Goldfish. Great Britain, Book Island, 2016.
Picture book. Fox takes Goldfish on a bucket list of adventures.

Simmonds, Posy. Fred. London, Cape, 1987.
Picture book. The family knew Fred as a lazy cat but his friends reveal a whole other side to him.

Velthuijs, Max. Frog and the Birdsong. London, Andersen, 1999.
Picture book. When Frog finds a dead blackbird he and his friends bury him.

Wild, Margaret. Harry & Hopper. Illustrated by Freya Blackwood, London, Scholastic, 2009.
Picture book. When Hopper the dog dies in an accident Harry has trouble coming to terms with his death.

Wilhelm, Hans. I’ll Always Love You. New York, Dragonfly Books, 2012.
Picture book. Elfie is an old dog and when she passes away her little boy remembers how much he loved her.


Browne, Anthony. Willy and the Cloud. London, Walker Books, 2016.
Picture Book. Willy is on his way to the park when he realises he is being followed by a cloud that is getting bigger and bigger. How will he make it go away?

Cumming, Hannah. The Cloud. Auburn, Child’s Play, 2011.
Picture book. A little girl in art class is determined to befriend a girl who always has a black cloud over her.

Gliori, Debi. Night Shift. London, Hot Key Books, 2017.
Graphic novel/picture book. Gliori’s own story of understanding coming through depression.

Maclear, Kyo, and Isabelle Arsenault. Virginia Wolf. Bristol, Book Island, 2017.
Picture Book. Vanessa’s sister is feeling wolfish, what can she do to help her?

Rosen, Michael. Michael Rosen’s Sad Book. Illustrated by Quentin Blake, London, Walker, 2008.
Picture book. Rosen’s own experience of sadness after the death of his son from meningitis.

Tan, Shaun. The Red Tree. Sydney, Hatchette, 2014.
Picture book. A little girl struggles through depression before noticing a beautiful red tree is growing in her room.


McCardie, Amanda. A Book of Feelings. Illustrated by Salvatore Rubbino, London, Walker Books and Subsidiaries, 2016.
Picture books. All feelings are covered in this beautifully illustrated book.

Parr, Todd. The Feelings Book. New York, LB Kids, 2014.
Picture book. Simple, bright pictures take the reader through a wide range of feelings.

Sanchez, Chani. There Are No Animals in This Book!: (only Feelings). Brooklyn, Pow!, a division of Powerhouse Packaging & Supply, 2013.
Picture book. Uses famous art works to illustrate feelings.

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