Gilda the Giant Sheep

By Emilio Urberuaga

And now you want to turn me into mutton stew!
Is it too much to ask for a sheep to grow old in peace?

Gilda is a giant sheep. She has never caused any trouble – but shearing and milking her takes twenty shepherds and they don’t want to work anymore. Their solution is to chop Gilda up and sell the meat.

There was once a giant sheep named Gilda.

When Gilda overhears their plan, she escapes. Just in time!

Gilda realised the shepherds were sharpening a knife.

But finding a new home is not easy. The people in the big city are too busy looking at their phones or filming her to help.

It was early morning and there were people everywhere.

And, when she finally finds some other animals she quickly realises that they are in a far worse situation …

All the animals looked very sad.

Feeling useless and unloved, Gilda walks away from the circus and down to the docks. Hearing a cry for help she rescues a little sheep that had fallen into the water.

Gilda was very scared of water, but she jumped in to save the little sheep without giving it a second thought.

The little sheep explains that she was running away from wolves. Gilda doesn’t know what a wolf is because she was so big she always scared them away before they got close. The little sheep invites Gilda to live with her and the rest of her flock.

When the wolves saw such a giant sheep, they ran away terrified!

Gilda finally finds peace and happiness with her new flock.

This gorgeous picture book was first published in Spain in 1993 and has only recently been translated into English. Emilio Urberuaga is a well known illustrator and is a winner of the National Prize for Illustration in Spain.

The theme of animal rights, homelessness, fitting in and finding a purpose make this a valuable book to have in any junior library.


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